The only UK-based lab making Memorial Diamonds.

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Immortalise a beloved partner or relative. Have us transform their ashes or hair into a memorial diamond. After all, diamonds are forever.


Losing a loved one is heart breaking enough, whether they were a relative, a lover, partner, best friend or pet.


The relationship between owners and pets is always an unconditional one. Keep them with you always.


Stunning Canary, Free-Range Blue/White, Pure White, Free-Range Pink Diamonds.

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Memorial Diamonds. We create unique diamonds from ashes or hair here in the UK.

For over 14 years, Phoenix Memorial Diamonds have been transforming ashes into diamonds using a system which emulates natural diamonds found in the earth – that is, immense pressure, fantastic heat over a period of time. But instead of million of years, that process can be accomplished in a few weeks.

The weight of diamonds is a tiny fraction of a human or pet. We take a small amount of the ashes or living hair or hair from the deceased due to be buried. Around 100 grams of ashes or around 25 grams of hair is all that is needed to make a fabulous naturally coloured memorial diamond.

We are proud to be the first and only UK based laboratory making memorial diamonds. Contact us today to learn how we can create a beautiful and unique memorial to your loved one. Discover below how we transform ashes into diamonds.

Step 1

Select your memorial diamond size.

Step 2

Select your memorial diamond colour.

Step 3

Send your loved one's hair or ashes.

Step 4

Our specialist lab begins the 13-15 week process.

Step 5

Take delivery of your beautiful memorial diamond.

Step 6

Select the perfect setting for your memorial diamond with a jeweller.

Step 1 - Select Your Memorial Diamond Size

0.5 Carat

0.75 Carat

1 Carat

1.25 Carat

1.5 Carat

90% of all world diamonds are cut and polished with 58 facets called 'Brilliant' (round) for the best scintillation and sparkle. We always recommend this cut. The smallest diamond we make (0.25carat) is just as complex to process as the biggest we supply (1.5 crt), so we have a minimum order of either 1x 0.5crt, or 2x 0.33crt or 3x 0.25crt.

Other cuts may be available, please call us FREE on 0800 141 2254.

Step 2 - Select your Memorial Diamond Colour


White/Blue Hue

Free-Range Blue/White

Free-Range Pink

The usual outcome when using human (or animal) carbon is a natural canary yellow (not the darker Cognac) We also make natural blue diamonds in a range of shades called ‘free-range’ blue and we have been very successful with white diamonds with a slight blue hue and Free-Range Pink – all real sparklers.

Step 3 - Send Your Loved One's Hair or Ashes

Now that you’ve chosen your memorial diamond colour and weight, it’s time to provide us with your loved one’s ashes, hair (or fur). It is not at all unusual to make diamonds from a mixture of donated material. Sometimes customers combine hair from living family members. Others are not cremating and therefore only hair is available to turn into diamonds. It’s your choice, just call us to discuss this.

The Lab' technicians need around 100grams of ashes (3 tablespoons, ⅔ of a cup or about 3.5 oz.) or 25 grams of hair for each carat required. You can combine both donations.

If you don’t have the precise amount of hair or ashes available, don’t worry. Call us and we will inform you what can and cannot be done.

We will have provided everything you now need to send the order back to us. The poly-bag that we included in the pack, can be sent back by any method you are comfortable with. Mostly it is via Royal Mail Recorded and Tracked delivery. It may be that you are unhappy to weigh out the ashes or handle the hair. Call us to discuss options. World-wide collection of material is sometimes impracticable, but we have our own FedEx account at no charge to you, and we wish to help you as much as we can. In 15 years, we have never had a problem.

Step 4 - Our Specialist Lab Begins the 13-15 Week Process

Our normal turnaround is approximately 13 weeks. You will be aware of our 14 day courtesy 'cooling off' period if you change your mind. If you are absolutely sure, you can waiver this 2 weeks to save time. Use the space on the order form.

There are 15 different stages, each totally isolated from any other orders. This is a very complex scientific process – and we are after all emulating nature which takes millions of years. Don't worry, we will keep you informed.

Step 5 - Take Delivery of your Beautiful Memorial Diamond

If you are in Britain, we always deliver your priceless diamond to you in person. For practical purposes and travel planning, we may well have another order within a few hours. We will always do our best to meet you at your home at your convenience – perhaps over a weekend. When your diamond is nearly ready, we will call you on the numbers or with the e-mails you have provided on the order form.

Outside the British Isles, we have trusted agents, funeral directors or jewellers who work with us. We wish to assure you, we will do our very best to help you no matter where you live in the world.

Step 6 - Select the Perfect Setting for your Memorial Diamond

You will be aware that we only manufacture the actual diamond. We know of many jewellers that have assisted our customers over the years. Your diamond is absolutely unique and the setting is important to be as secure as possible.

If you choose a pendant the chain is also important to have a secure clasp and perhaps double links.

If you choose a ring setting, ensure the setting is as secure as the design will allow. Your trusted jeweller will discuss this with you.

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Memorial diamonds provide an everlasting reminder and memorial to your loved-one.

Immortalize a beloved partner, relative or pet.

Genuine Diamonds made from ashes or hair.

Phoenix Memorial Diamonds use a revolutionary method of memorialising your loved-one, beloved pet or relative – by converting the carbon within ashes (‘Cremains) or hair [or other sources] into a REAL diamond.

It is truly heart breaking to lose a loved-one, whether they were a parent, relative, a lover, partner, best friend or a beloved pet. Sometimes, scattering their ashes can be a very final act, perhaps too much of a closure, but they may have spent many wonderful years with you on this earth and you never wish to ever forget them.

In this 21st Century, there are now many ways to celebrate the life of your loved one – but there can be no better or more fitting way of remembering them for ever than wearing a real diamond made from their very last remnants of their existence - for they say ‘Diamonds Are Forever'.

For over 14 years, the Phoenix Group have been converting ashes and hair of both humans and pets, using a system which emulates natural diamonds found in the earth – that is, immense pressure, fantastic heat over a period of time. But instead of million of years, that process can be accomplished in a few weeks.

The weight of diamonds is a tiny fraction of a human or pet. We take a small amount of the ashes or living hair or hair from the deceased due to be buried. Around 100 grams of hair or around 25 grams of hair is all that is needed to make a fabulous naturally coloured diamond.

Once the diamond is cut and polished, it can be mounted in a ring or a pendant. Phoenix offer just one or perhaps more of differing weights (sizes) of diamonds to suit your circumstances.

Beware, and do not be fooled by the many fake, faux diamonds or impostors. Phoenix Memorial Diamonds are genuine diamonds which can be certified. They are not synthetic or cheap imitation but real diamonds simply [ha ha ha – more like complexly] made in a laboratory. They have the exact same characteristics of mined diamonds, and they are cut and polished in exactly the same way as mined diamonds have been for centuries.

Some of our memorable diamonds include : The Jessica Diamond (the first diamond on the world made from an umbilical cord). The London Riots Diamond (a diamond created from the sweepings and detritus after the 2011 riots on our London Streets). The Honey Bee Diamonds (made from 2600 bees which died after ‘ColonyCollapse’). The DEEFER Diamond…. and another famous animal Digger the Dog. We have also made some beautiful if not bizarre diamonds, made from mixed beard trimmings from partners being married. Two dogs – one still alive in the UK and the other cremated in Spain – making two diamonds for both owners…along with hundreds of very special memorials to the rich and famous.

Colours currently include Canary Yellow, a Free-Range Blue (light blue towards sky blue), White/Clear diamonds (with a imperceptible blue hue) and our 2016 ‘holy grail’ – beautiful and very rare Pink Diamonds. Our Group consists of : | | |

Call free on 0800 141 2254

About the video above

We sincerely hope you are not offended by the intended humour of this bizarre video. It came to our MD's attention many years ago and the coincidences of the subject are too much to ignore.

Our laboratory is not called Live-On, but we do actually own that domain. Weirdly we offer our diamonds in red pyramid boxes but the process takes 13 weeks not a few hours. And to take the diamond to pawn-broker is not viable as the costs outweigh the pawned offer.

© to Smirnoff Vodka who had no idea that we actually did make diamonds from ashes or that we existed at all when they made the advert.