7th September 2018

We certainly are struggling to get to the top of the first page of Google’s searches.

You would think that being ONE of just 4 Memorial Diamond makers – in the world – and the ONLY UK based and owned one – we would always come up when a surfer was interested in having their loved one turned into a real diamond.

In the last 15 years, we’ve had over 7500 enquiries and OK some were cold – but we have made hundreds of diamonds.   7500 enquiries takes a lot of time required to answer all of them. That meant assembling a sales and info’ pack, posting out and writing a follow-up letter to see if we could help further.

Admitted, we WERE members of the NAFD and also SAIF and occasionally funeral directors would recommend us – but more so, customers would ask them and they would panic to call us to gain details.

So what is it?? Have Google changed the algorithm? Have they become selective or too strict in their returns to searches???  I would have thought “Memorial Diamonds” would proffer a good list, but we actually SEE enquirers use terms like ‘Ash Diamonds’ and ‘Diamonds from Ashes’ – so I suppose you have to know what to ask for logically first, so perhaps people are not familiar with the actual product.

If any SEO [search engine optimization] expert can pin-point what the obstacle actually is, we would be ever so grateful.