The only UK-based lab making Memorial Diamonds.

How to Order

First things first. Do you have our info’ pack?. This will have been posted to you if and when you called us previously. We will assume you have.

Step 1
The brochure explains in detail our service and our options of diamond colours made from both ashes and hair. It also has a well developed (over 15 years) FAQ section, but if you still have questions or worries – just call us.

Step 2
In the pack, you will have found our ordering contract. This is a one-sheet document for you to provide all your details and your requirements. The simple terms and Conditions were drawn up by English Lawyers for both our benefits. If anything at all concerns you – call us.

Step 3
The form asks for 50% of the total order. This payment can be a domestic cheque or we can provide our banking data for a transfer. We offer 14 days ‘cooling off’ for a full refund. You can save this 2 weeks by wavering this courtesy period. Mark it in writing on the form.

Step 4
The bag we provided for the donated material (ashes or hair) could be given back to your funeral director to send the 100grams of ashes or the hair we asked for. If you are unhappy to handle the ashes and your funeral director is not involved – call us, we will arrange to help you, it is not a problem.

Step 5
The white bubble pack can be re-used. Just place the fully completed order form, the payment and the ashes/hair inside the envelope and seal it up.

Step 6
Do not worry about using Royal Mail Special Delivery. We have used Royal Mail for over 15 years and it is a super service. The pack needs to be weighed for the correct postage and sent to us using the reversed label in the packs pouch. DO NOT MENTION “Ashes” If they ask? It is simply “Carbon for Analysis” and sent to us “To Be Signed For”. Don’t forget to write your name and address as sender.

Step 7
When you have the receipt from the post office, please text or e-mail the tracking number to Mike at the e-mail address or mobile number given. Mike will ask reception to call him when the pack arrives.

Step 8
On safe receipt, Mike will confirm the package and order is all OK, and then later a written acknowledgment and copy of the order will be posted to you.

Step 9
Don’t worry. It takes a lot of processing and takes time to grow real diamonds. On nearing completion, we will contact you to arrange personal delivery.

Here at Phoenix Memorial Diamonds we are not a pressure sale organisation. Please feel free to call or email us for an informal chat about our fantastic diamonds.