5th December 2017

If you are reading this, you may or may not realise that we have been called ‘Phoenix Diamonds’ for a very long time. This name has foisted many problems on us. Although it is short and snappy, it did lead to many misinterpretations – “can we buy our engagement ring from you” OR “would you like to buy diamonds” etc:

As we already owned “Phoenix-Memorial-Diamonds.com” THIS domain seemed to say exactly ‘what we do on the tin’. So can I point you to view our new huge website at “https://www.phoenix-memorial-diamonds.com” and can I offer our new e-mail address as :- “info@phoenix-memorial-diamonds.com”

Of course we still have our older websites and our regular telephone numbers, but the new site will emphasise on what we have been doing for nearly 15 years – we DO what itsays on the tin…….