About Phoenix Memorial Diamonds

About Phoenix Memorial Diamonds

Consider a ‘Phoenix Memorial Diamond’ just for a minute. What better way could you immortalise a beloved partner, relative or pet than have us turn their ashes (or hair) into a fabulous diamond – after all, Diamonds are Forever.

Allegorically – the Phoenix is a sign of immortality, so like a phoenix rising from the ashes to live again, the memory of your loved-one will live on and be with you – treasured forever to hand down through your generations.

Our ‘Memorial Diamonds’ are real, they are exactly like diamonds found in nature – coloured like the rarest most valuable diamonds, sometimes they have slight inclusions which are also found in nature but in this case the inclusions (if any) are in actual fact your loved one, relative or pet (part of the carbon not fully crystallized when the diamond is created).

Just like the phoenix’s multicoloured plumage, our ‘Phoenix Gems’ are fire itself, glowing ambers, flashes of yellow, gold and sometimes – reds. ‘Phoenix Diamonds are created in exactly the same way Mother Nature makes them ? massive pressure, fantastic heat over a long time – only ‘time’ here is measured in months not millions of years.

Phoenix Diamonds are unique, made from the last remains of your loved one or pet, they posses all attributes of mined diamonds but without the stigma of man’s torturous labours, more, they are the very last physical existence of your loved-one to be with you forever.

In the years before 2004
I was working and researching ‘Death’……. I had returned from 5 years sailing the Caribbean during which I had a brainwave**. The internet was very young and mobile ‘phones were not really very sophisticated yet. However, passwords and encryption was becoming the norm.

Going back a few years. My Mum and my Auntie had died quite suddenly. Being the executor, I realized I had no idea what THEY would have wanted me to do about letting their friends know they had died. Their demise had never been discussed and I had no idea what personal details that perhaps Mum and my Auntie had left behind. Who and where were their friends? How could I discover who to inform? Did they leave a will?? Did they have bank accounts and have secret details?? Perhaps there were people they would rather me not communicate with?

This quandary lead me to invest in the design of a unique website called ‘LastWishes’**. During my previous years and the development of this website, I was being asked “what can we do with our ashes – other than scatter them” and because I had professional knowledge of the process of making diamonds from carbon – so ‘Ashes2gems’ came into being.

Weirdly enough, Google had only just started in 1998 and if anyone searched “Death” my two websites would have been revealed. Here is a screen grab from a ‘Death’ related site in those days.

Last Wishes

Although EVERY known precaution had been taken to secure the ‘LastWishes’ website, it was hacked and was just about to be held to ransom…..all was saved but a long story.

In the meantime the new concept of ‘Memorial Diamonds‘ was becoming well known in America. I had called my site by a horrible ‘trite’ name – a parody of Phones4U.Strangely 60% of enquiries for diamonds were from PETS remains, so as you can see the second trite name ‘Pets2gems’ was registered.

Pets2gems, Memorial-Diamonds.com, Celebration-Diamonds.com, Phoenix-gems, Phoenix-Diamonds.com, and other derivatives………

During the early years, we gained an order for 10 diamonds – to be made from the ashes of a beautiful model who was planning her own sad demise. She had bequeathed 10 diamonds to her best friends. It was around this time that I asked the Lab’ technicians if we could use any other ‘remnants’ of deceased loved-ones – from which stemmed the Jessica Diamond. The first diamond made from an umbilical cord.

The news media had heard of these stories and we preferred not to use ‘Ashes2gems’ – and so ‘Memorial Diamonds‘ and ‘Celebration Diamonds’ were registered.

However, I was always a Harry Potter fan from the first day I read the books. Dumbledore had a Phoenix bird called ‘Fawkes’ which burst into flames but rose again from the ashes – to be reborn to live again. I loved renaming the ‘Memorial Diamond’ business Phoenix.

Phoenix-Memorial-Diamonds.com Phoenix-Jewellers.com Fantastic-Diamonds, Untimely-Exit, Ashes-into-Diamonds

Having the name ‘Phoenix Diamonds‘, quite honestly lead us to be inundated with requests from America to SUPPLY ordinary mined diamonds. We were also pestered buy international agents to BUY ordinary mined diamonds….and so, adding the ‘Memorial’ to our name seemed logical. We have also made some ‘Fantastic Diamonds’ but we still needed to work with the various derivatives for Google friendly names of websites.

Memorial-Windchimes.com – The ‘Memorial Diamonds‘ have always been expensive. Putting ashes of loved ones into glass, lead to a license from Helen Jones who owns the patent for putting ‘ashes-into-glass‘. We had an arrangement with two fabulous glass artisans in Harrogate to make Dartington Crystal Windchimes.

Live-on, Live-on-Memorials, Promession-Diamonds, 2D-Memorials, Farewell-Innovators.com Equine-Diamonds.com

I’m so sorry to suggest, I have a wacky sense of humour, I do try and respect the bereaved but sometimes HUMOUR is a release that gets one over grief. Over the years, website domain names were thought up to develop into spin-offs. One such domain was “Live-On”…… On UK TV was an advert for Smirnoff Vodka in which a spoof journey was made by a bereaved Cousin to a man-made diamond lab’ called “Live On”. I could not believe my eyes. It was fabulous (fiction mostly – but bizarrely nearly accurate). OK the timebase was totally wrong but the lab’ technician in a white coat even handed over the diamond in OUR Red Pyramid Box (had they researched our Modus operandi)……. I asked JWT if we could blag the advert – but it was already in the public arena……;-)

Promession is a Swedish process in which the deceased is freeze-dried and the resultant loam remains are issued – usually with a tree growing. We have made 2 diamonds to prove the process.

‘2D’ is a reference to QR-Barcodes [2 dimensional codes] The concept is quite new still, and my idea was to fit a square ‘2D-Memorial’ plate to a/ Memorial tree b/Headstone c/ Memorial Bench d/ Road-Side memorials instead of flowers. These codes would lead to our website which played music, videos, gave info’ about the deceased and perhaps other data via smart-phones.

With Phoenix being a widely known company (one of just 4 in the world) We thought Farewell-Innovators was a worthy listing of our friends within the ‘Death Industry’ ……ah well, back to the drawing board.

And so we come to Equine-Diamonds.uk – this is a very new venture to try and gain access to LIVING race horses, show horses and perhaps pets. We have always been able to make diamonds from hair, so living horses hair seems logical. However, we have only been able to make White diamonds since 4th July 2016


Here at Phoenix Memorial Diamonds we are not a pressure sale organisation. Please feel free to call or email us for an informal chat about our fantastic diamonds.
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