Agents, Funeral Directors, Rep's and Trade

Agents, Funeral Directors, Rep's and Trade

Since we started 15odd years ago, we have had many enquiries about representing us, being an authorised agent and buying at Trade Prices – from various Countries.

We are always open to discussion, but there is a reason why there are only four or 5 ‘Memorial Diamond’ manufacturers in the whole world – it’s complex.

Each Country has its own idiosyncrasies surrounding Death, Memorials and the regulation and social customs dealing with cremation ashes. Animals (like horses and dogs etc;) do not seem to have these problems, but human ashes do, but they can be accommodated.

From the outset we have always served all enquiries which may have been a ‘one-off’ or an arrangement, perhaps with a jeweller, perhaps a stable or a funeral director. Many existing customers also tell us, or recommend us to a friend or relative. In all cases – we wish to thank and in some way show our sincere gratitude.

As members of the NAFD and SAIF – two of the most prominent UK associations dealing with funeral directors, we have always been very generous – for what in most cases is simply a name and contact details of a customer who may be interested. Perhaps they have also had our brochures to hand out or simply show in reception.

We do have established ‘Agents’ signed up on contract. We do have very good associations with jewellers – mostly introduced by our customers but sometimes from custom designers, jewellery setters or Goldsmiths around the world.

This is not to suggest we advertise or ask ‘Google’ to show us in all Countries, for we are very busy alone in Britain, and it has been our aim to build our UK internet presence from where a lot of our world-wide enquiries stem.. When we establish an agent or associate in (say) Cuba, we allow him or her to build their own good name – backed by our expertise, but it could be a casual or a regular business arrangment.

If you have ANY interest whatsoever, or you wish to learn more, simply e-mail or call Mike and let us both see what is practicable. The most important person in all of this – is the bereaved family who want the best information, honest advice and the most personal assistance attainable concerning their loved-one…..

Here at Phoenix Memorial Diamonds we are not a pressure sale organisation. Please feel free to call or email us for an informal chat about our fantastic diamonds.
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