14th December 2018

We’ve been called ‘Phoenix-Diamonds.com‘ for over 15 years, however, a huge number of enquiries were for non-memorial diamonds – which we COULD make – but our presses are too busy converting ashes and hair to digress and simply churn out various weights and colours for potential sale.

Adding  ‘Memorial‘ was a no-brainer, for we DO precisely what it says on the tin….. Phoenix because our diamonds rise from ashes, Memorial because most of our diamonds have been made from deceased ‘loved-ones’ and Diamonds because we only make REAL and genuine diamonds.

Many years ago, we had a horrible trite website called ‘Ashes2Gems.com’ and also ‘Pets2Gems.com – again it was what we did, but in hindsight it sounded like a mobile phone sales pitch.

We have also traded as ‘Memorial-Diamonds.com‘; ‘Celebration-Diamonds.com‘ and a few others (what we thought were) relevant names, but we have never tried to mislead anyone as we have always used our office address and current telephone numbers. Unfortunately, registering names to stop plagiarism is hard, you would have to think of all permutations…and sure enough we had one competitor [sic] who registered MemorialDiamonds.com but they disappeared under a cloud of alleged fraud.

One real deviation in our trading styled name stems from making Diamonds from Horses tail and mane hair (as well as ashes). We formed Equine-Diamonds.uk on the 4th of July 2018 and added EquineGems.uk as our tiny micro-site – please feel free to check these sites out.

There are still only four (possibly 5) ‘Memorial Diamond’ lab’s in the whole world, and we are the only true British owned and British based company.